Campaign signs indicate Conservative lead

A bylaw enforcement officer inspects signs in downtown New Hamburg last week. The signs were removed for violating regional regulations on the placement of signage.

Tim Murphy, Independent staff

Some people like to wear their political affiliations on their sleeves, in this case their lawns.
The Independent has conducted a not-very-scientific, drive-by poll of Wilmot Township’s settlement areas to determine where each candidate stands in the upcoming federal election — all based on visible sign support from homeowners.
We only followed a couple of rules to determine the numbers. The signs had to be clearly visible on the property of a private residence — signs on business properties and signs posted in ditches and municipal right of ways were not counted.
Of course homeowners who have election signs posted on their properties are very likely to vote on election day, so we’d like to assume our numbers are relatively close to what the final election results will be for this part of the Kitchener-Conestoga riding.
Prove us wrong and get out there and vote Oct. 14.
According to our count, Conservative MP Harold Albrecht has the overwhelming support of Wilmot voters with 54 per cent of all the signs counted sporting Conservative blue.
The Green Party came in a distant second with 24 per cent support, most of that in New Hamburg where candidate Jamie Kropf has made a huge impression to nearly double the sign count of Liberal candidate Orlando Da Silva. Da Silva supporters came in at 20 per cent of the total, while NDP support is virtually non existant in Wilmot Township at a dismal two per cent.
As far as individual community support goes, Baden is decidedly Conservative blue with 78 per cent support displayed in lawn signs. The Liberals have 15 per cent of the sign tally and the Green Party held on at seven per cent support.
In St. Agatha and Petersburg, Albrecht supporters doubled Da Silva’s tally with 62 per cent of the vote. The Green Party garnered six per cent of the vote.
New Hamburg offered a bit of a surprise with the Green Party’s Jamie Kropf boasting support from 32 per cent of homes counted. But Albrecht retains a whopping margin with 50 per cent of the sign vote. The Liberals have 16 per cent of the sign tally and the NDP made a showing at two per cent.
New Dundee and Haysville supporters favoured Albrecht with 63 per cent displaying the Conservative sign. Da Silva and the Liberals garnered 25 per cent of the vote, the Green Party earned 8 per cent support and NDP four per cent.
In total we did a rough count of 125 signs on lawns in all of the settlement areas mentioned above.


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