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Park space litter poses a hazard


Someone living near what is supposed to be a developer-maintained green space on Theodore Schuler Boulevard in New Hamburg called the Independent on Earth Day to complain about garbage and dead trees littering the space.
She said the park was being weeded last year and about a dozen evergreen trees had been planted, but it seems the developer has since neglected to maintain the park. The homeowner suggested children could use the space instead of having to walk across busy Waterloo Street to use the sports field at Forest Glen School.
After a visit to the green space, which connects to the Bier Crescent playground, it’s apparent why the homeowner called to voice the concern.
Children were playing just beyond the field that was littered with crumpled packaging, scraps of paper and plastic, broken toys, glass bottles, an old rain boot, splintered pieces of wood and tires propped up against a backyard fence. Most of the trees planted in the park have died and the sharp needles on the dried stumps could pose a hazard for children playing nearby.
The Independent called Wilmot Township to determine who is responsible for maintaining the space. Planner Andrew Martin said according to the subdivision agreement, the developer must maintain the space for a period of two years once facilities and recreation staff are able to inspect the park and determine the standard of maintenance required.
That inspection has not taken place, Martin said.
Once the two-year period is over, the township will assume maintenance of the park.
A message left on voicemail at the Ontario Numbered Company run by the Markham-based developer who owns the park was not returned by press time.
The Independent will continue to follow up and report on any action taken to address the park cleanup.
If you have a concern, or question about something in a public space that is broken, in disrepair, is an eyesore, or poses a hazard, contact the Independent and we’ll look into it and write about it here and on our blog.
The Independent wants to help make our communities the best they can be, so drop us a note, give us a call, or send a message detailing your concern and its location.


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