MS Dance a success

When we started the planning for Making Waves for MS Dance and Silent Auction two months ago, we had no idea that we would be shown such support for our dance from both merchants and individuals.
The most common response to our question of “Would you like to come out for an evening of fun in support of MS?” was “We’d love to!” followed by several donations dropped off at our door. In fact, the donations for the auction  kept coming and coming, right up to the night of the dance.  A grand total of 99 items were up for grabs during the night, with just over $4,000 pledged in return. All together, the evening was a huge success with just over $7,000 raised for Jaime and Sarah’s swim for the benefit of MS this coming August 1.
The generosity of the merchants who donated food, flowers, supplies, prizes, and auction items were unbelievable and we could not have been successful without your donations.
Hats off to The Hillbrook Connection, who played almost non-stop for the crowd. Our food committee put on one heck of a meal with plenty to go around, and we thank you, for all your hard work and enthusiasm. Our husband-and-wife bartending team was awesome and definitely went the extra mile. The silent auction team was outstanding and had everything set up and organized beautifully! Even our always-grinning police officer was a pleasure to have on hand to keep an eye on things.
We just can’t say “thank you” enough, whether you were many of the volunteers working behind the scenes, or one of the folks having fun bidding on the auction items who attended the dance. Team work was what made this evening such a fantastic success for all!

Jaime, Marta, Marc and Jena Doucet,
Sarah, Christina & Paul Sine,
Mary, Karolyn & Colleen Cameron
Making Waves for MS Fundraising Team


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