The Fix Is On — Empty subdivision has become dumping ground

The Independent was alerted this week to a significant amount of garbage and construction debris littering empty lots on Theodore Schuler Boulevard in New Hamburg.

Disappearing snow on the vacant, weed-covered lots has revealed a subdivision littered with empty boxes, styrofoam packaging, flyer-filled plastic bags, cardboard coffee cups, piles of bricks and insulation. In a few spots people have dumped full bags of garbage, including rotting pumpkins and other household waste. A woman walking her dog along the road described the amount of garbage as “terrible.”

We wouldn’t want to be living in a $400,000 home next to what has become a virtual dump.

To top off the lack of curb appeal and blatant disregard for the environment, an electrical panel box along the road is covered with graffiti.

The subdivision, which is under development by an Ontario Numbered Company based in Markham, is supposed to be kept tidy under a requirement from Wilmot Township.

The township’s director of development Harold O’Krafka said in the event of a complaint, Wilmot’s bylaw enforcement officers clean the area and bill the company the cost through their tax bill.

If you have a concern, or question about something in a public space that is broken, in disrepair, is an eyesore, or poses a hazard, contact the Independent and we’ll look into it and write about it here and in the paper.
The Independent wants to help make our communities the best they can be, so drop us a note, give us a call, or send a message detailing your concern and its location.


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