Grade 8 students get “pep” talk at Waterloo-Oxford

Future students of Waterloo-Oxford take part in the annual feeder school pep rally last week.

Brigitte Szucs

For the Independent

Every year Waterloo-Oxford prepares to welcome new generations into its classrooms. Usually around May, Grade 8 kids come into their future high school and experience a bit of what they’ll be immersed in just a few months later.

On May 12 W-O welcomed hundreds of future students in a pep rally, entertaining them with an cheerleader’s routine, while sports and clubs were introduced by senior students. W-O principal Ed Doadt, and others welcomed the students.

New teachers, new friends and a new educational environment are what some students will encounter in September. Others are already familiar with the school.

“I have a lot of friends here and I expect to look back and see something beautiful,” says Lauren Witner, an Grade 8 student.

Doadt talked about why W-O is such a great place.

“Because we’re bigger, we have more opportunity for kids to get involved in different activities, such as sports or clubs; we probably have the most activities in the region,” he said.

W-O’s principal took the opportunity to express his suggestion for the new students.

“My advice is to always be connected with the school; join a club, a sport or any activity, but keep connected with the school,” he says.

Students are very excited about going to high school, and fun is what they’re expecting.

“I know a lot of people here; my family went here. I expect it to be awesome,” says future student Serena Devitt.

Since going to a new school is not just a new beginning just for the kids, parent council member Monica Todd advises parents to attend parent council meetings.

“It’s a good way for parents to be connected to the school. We’re always looking for the parents. The meetings are about six times in a year,” she says.

Todd also encourages parents to visit the school’s website to find out more about activities available for their kids.


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