Crowds flock to Wellesley ABC Festival for a day of eating and entertainment

A steady lineup of food, entertainment and activities kept the crowds happy at the Wellesley Apple Butter and Cheese Festival today. The rain-or-shine event welcomed sun and a few brief showers, but a little rain didn’t stop the fun. The street mall, full of food vendors like Wellesley Apple Products, had people lined up to buy everything from apple butter and fritters, to pork, sausage and schnitzel on a bun.

Top, Isabelle Robinet, Cohen Pettit, Harrison Robinet, Charlie Robinet, Sophia Pettit and Ella Pettit savour some fresh cider, which was offered at the end of the cider tour.

On the pond, the boat regatta was underway at noon where Hamiltonian Garth Parrish was guiding his classic dual cockpit mahogany runaboat scale model through the calm waters.

At the horseshoe pits this morning, Barrie native Charlie Hastings was getting more than a few ringers to challenge the competition.

Mini tractor pull competitor Seth Stewart, 3, came all the way from Owen Sound to take in the festival’s family atmosphere.

Jessie Elgood, of New Hamburg, sang first in the Wellesley Idol finals, taking on Patsy Cline’s Blue to earn applause and the attention of the singing contest’s judging panel.

Members of the Greenwood Hill Bluegrass Band, Benny Schurink on bass and Vern Brenneman on guitar, entertained an audience from a front porch.

Line dancers had toes tapping in the fritter line.


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