Parents visit Baden’s new Sir Adam Beck school

Lucas Jantzi shows his mom Amanda the picture of his senior kindergarten class on the new school's freshly-painted wall.

Parents and children came to tour the brand-new Sir Adam Beck school on Thursday night. Teachers were on hand to welcome the families and show off their bright, colourful classrooms.

The students who will move from Baden Public School to this location have already visited their new classrooms and cafeteria. They will permanently switch to Sir Adam Beck on Jan. 10, and this openhouse was a chance for their parents to see the brand-new, $8.38 million school.

“They want to see where their kids are,” says music teacher Andrea Emrich. “All the kids have gone home and said how excited they are.”

Amanda Jantzi, who has two sons coming to Sir Adam Beck, said she was happy the students would have more space at their new school.

The school is also wired with the latest technologies, and Jantzi wanted to see those features as well.

To read more about the new school, click HERE.

Grade 1 students Isabella Davidson (left) and Abby Denomme stroll through their new library at Sir Adam Beck school.


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