A night for rebuilding Haiti, one year after the earthquake

Christian Napper plays guitar at Waterloo-Oxford's Haiti Benefit Night Jan. 20. The event raised over $600 for Free the Children to build schools in the devastated nation.

Waterloo-Oxford DSS is keeping the people of Haiti in mind.

The school organized a benefit night on Jan. 20 to support rebuilding efforts in the shattered country. The night raised over $600 to help Free the Children build schools in the nation devastated by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake.

The W-O library came alive Thursday night with music, drama, and food. The event mirrored another from one year ago, when students and staff organized a Haiti Benefit Night which raised over $3000 raised for relief shortly after the earthquake hit.

A year later, Waterloo-Oxford students are revisiting their commitment to Haiti. The event was organized by W-O’s Charities Committee and Students Without Borders.

Attendees had a chance to learn about how rebuilding efforts are proceeding. Parts of a documentary were shown that help to explain why, a year later, Haiti is still far from rebuilt.

“This year, we’re less about the money than trying to understand what is going on there,” says Ash Baer, student organizer.

Elaina Bentz, Laura Snyder and Natasha Salonen sell baked goods at Waterloo-Oxford's Haiti Benefit Night.

Easton Page plays the drums during the fund-raising show in W-O's library.


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