The last few months were busy for Waterloo-Oxford students

Drew Bryant and Chris Thomson hosting the Crusader Choice Awards.

Year End Crusader Report

Chris Thomson
For the Independent

Well it’s over, it’s all over. This year went by fast, and that’s an understatement. It seemed like just yesterday that the grade nines were walking into the bleachers at the Welcome Back Assembly as the Rocky theme played and the other students applauded.

Now, the year-end assembly has already passed us by. The school year at Waterloo-Oxford District Secondary School ended on a very good note.

The season of spring had spring sports, Spring Fling Dance, charity work, Barnyard Bash, Crusader Choice Awards, as well as trips to Italy, Hawaii, Chicago, Washington, New York, and Ottawa. Outdoor sports at W-O were very frustrating this year due to weather. Soccer had a very tough time getting in all the games needed, track and field was strenuous but managed, whereas rugby just got really muddy, but they didn’t seem to mind.

Since so many games were cancelled due to weather, many teams had their playoffs bumped to the start of June.

Trips have come to be very noteworthy events here in Crusader Country. Since the school is nonsemestered trips cause less class time to be missed.

The first out of school adventures was in March Break when the Duckies (girls field hockey team) went to Italy to compete. Next to come was the girls rugby off to compete in Hawaii (boys teams just never seem to go anywhere!) The music groups of W-O went off to Chicago to get a taste of the Windy City.

Later to come was the American History classes off to Washington. The Travel and Tourism course departed to New York shortly after, followed by Grade 10 History to Ottawa.

The Special Events department of W-O’s Student Activities Council put on yet another successful school dance.

The University of Laurier was the host to Spring Fling this year and they did a good job of containing the Crusaders. Las Vegas was the theme and the good times reflected that…just without the ‘losing tons of money gambling’ part.

Charity events were once again extremely successful this season.

Students Without Borders celebrated “5 Days for Freedom” from May 2-6. Throughout the week many performers and speakers came to W-O to preach how lucky we all have it here.

On May 17 there was a Japan Earthquake Benefit night where many talents were on display, an art auction was held, and former W-O student Mike Schroeder talked about his year in Japan before the earthquake.

The Crusader Choice Awards came around once again on May 26. Upcoming Co-Presidents Drew Bryant and Chris Thomson hosted the Hollywood themed event as many students and teachers were recognized with awards such as “Best Facial Hair”, “Cutest Couple”, “Best Ride”, “Celebrity Look-a-Like”, and “Most Involved Teacher”. “Stars” presented the awards (not really, just students pretending to be stars, but we’re trying to get the actual Rebecca Black for next year) and Drew and Chris took their much anticipated Co-Prez initiation.

This involved a strip of leg hair being waxed off and a pie getting thrown in the face at the same time! The day after was Barnyard Bash. This was an outside event taking place during an extended lunch period. The goal was to have some fun before exams and remind students that summer’s actually coming up.

It’s safe to say it did just that. There were barbequed burgers and hot dogs, human bowling, an obstacle course for the ages, watermelon eating contest, and a performance by the winners of W-O’s Got Talent, Taylor Pfaff and Ben Brenner.

After much construction throughout the year, Waterloo-Oxford became completely wheelchair accessible with the opening of their two elevators. This along with the production of an outdoor classroom mark many changing times in Crusader Country.

The end of the year also means award time at W-O. There were dozens of awards given out from athletics, to music, to much more. Performer of the Year was given to Matt McGrath for his contributions to the music department. Even though the Crusader Choice Awards had a lot of funny awards, there was however a serious one that if received demands lots of respect. Mr. Van Eek brought home Most Involved Teacher for all he does outside of the classroom.

Lastly, Helaina Shantz received female athlete of the year while Erich Woolley won the male equivalent.

Well, it’s all over. Another great year at W-O has come to an end. Everyone just has to finish up their exams and they’re off for another summer. The graduating students look back at their senior year and are either saying: “Wow, I’m going to miss this place” or “Wow, that was awesome, I’m coming back for a fifth year!”

As for all us returnees, we’re anxiously awaiting the start of school when we can applaud the Grade 9s to the Rocky theme once again.


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