Llama visits New Hamburg for Bolivia walk-a-thon

New Hamburg had an unusual visitor last weekend. A black llama was escorted through downtown by a group of walkers who had hiked all the way from Kitchener.

The walkers made the 20 km trip to raise money and awareness for a missions project in Bolivia, where the group has traveled several times to distribute food, clothing, build church projects, and run childrens’ ministries and orphanages.

The group works with the indigenous Quechua people in Bolivia. Both llamas and long walks are common in the mountain country where these people live. Some Bolivians in that area will walk for days to vote in an election.

The Canadian team includes members from St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in New Hamburg. They hope to return to Bolivia in fall of 2012.

The Saturday morning walk-a-thon aimed to attract attention for the team’s projects, said Gail Krampien, and the team also collected donations.

All money raised goes to the Bolivia projects, as team members pay their own travel expenses, she said.

Faith Life Financial matched the gifts up to $500.

Photos by Jim and Ron Krampien


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