Local firefighting history depicted on a quilt

Brampton firefighter Paul Zettel will be getting an unexpected gift from his grandmother before Christmas.

As a tribute to his chosen profession and a keepsake of local firefighting history, Nithview Community resident Miriam Zettel commissioned Wellesley quilt artist Cathy Koch with the task of making a quilt using fabric blocks imprinted with photographs of the Wellesley and Baden fire departments. A personal letter to her grandson fills one quilt block, congratulating Paul for following in his grandfather’s footsteps.

Firefighting is in the family’s blood.

Zettel’s late husband Otto (Skip) Zettel was Wellesley’s fire captain for several years. He’s in a couple of the photos along with former Wellesley fire chief Ron Futher, Miriam’s son in law Dan Diebolt, and nephew Doug Ferguson, of the Baden department. Unfortunately the photo of Paul in uniform was neglected in the quilt, but Miriam decided to add it to a pillow she’ll include with the gift.

She hopes it comes in handy for the 29-year-old firefighter. Paul lives on a sailboat throughout the year.

“I thought it should be interesting,” Miriam said of the finished quilt, which is hanging in the dining hall level at Nithview in New Hamburg. “I’m sure he’ll like it because he’s all fireman.”



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