5,000 pucks? No problem for hot-shot Wilmot hockey girls

Back Row: Olivia Hunt, Taylor Wright, Emily Huras, Karley Dajka, Rachel Kehl, and Marieke van Rooyen. Front Row: Kai Wilson, Head Coach Dee Dakin, and Lucy Dakin

Practice makes perfect, so eight players from the Peewee Rep Wolverines team made it their mission this fall to fire 5,000 pucks.

Eight players finished the shot marathon, and were rewarded with a limited-edition hat recognizing this achievement. The coaching staff is proud of the remaining players on the team who are still working towards their goal.

In late September, the Wilmot team was asked to shoot 500 pucks a week for 10 weeks, working on various types of shots from backhands to slap shots.

An incredible amount of sweat, effort and time went into this task and the results are clearly showing on the ice. With a wide range of players on the scoresheet, the Wolverines are currently claiming third place in their division with a record of 6-2-3.


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