Wilmot Aquatic Aces win 46 medals at Wilfrid Laurier swim meet

Wilmot’s swimmers who missed qualifying for the Regional B Championships competed at a one-day qualifying meet for the next long-course Regional Championships. The Aquatic Aces went to the meet at Wilfrid Laurier University on Feb. 11 and came home with 42 individual medals and four more gold medals from relay races.

The 10-and-under boys relay team of Devin Mechalko, Ethan Scheerer, Jacob Potts and Kyle Mackenzie won gold, as well as the 13-14 girls team of Katie Cameron, Yvette Coffey, Nicoletta Carangounis, and Emma Fielder.

The 13-14 boys team of Josh Cober, Jonah Noseworthy, Liam Scorgie, and Jacob Young also earned gold for Wilmot, as did the 15-and-over boys team of Caleb Isaac, Tyler Kinzie, Josh Cober, and Trevor Mains.

Individual medal winners were Katie Cameron with two gold and one bronze, Nicoletta Carangounis winning two silver, Josh Cober with a gold and silver, Yvette Coffey with gold, silver and bronze, Emma Fielder with a bronze, Margaret Heckman a gold, Tyler Kinzie’s gold, silver and bronze, Kyle MacKenzie’s bronze, Trevor Mains’s silver and two bronze, Devin Mechalko’s two gold and a silver, Jonah Noseworthy’s two golds, Jacob Potts’s gold, Ethan Scheerer’s gold, silver and bronze, Liam Scorgie’s gold and two bronze, Brayden Vandewynckel’s two gold and a bronze, Matthew Vandewynkel’s bronze, and Jacob Young’s silver and bronze.

With lots of best times and great results again at this race, the Aces are swimming fast.

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