Sir Adam Beck launches greening project

Sir Adam Beck’s Footprints Committee stands on the outdoor stage that’s part of the school’s new greening project that will see 41 trees planted around the playground over the next year.

Thanks to the work of a dedicated group of parents and staff at Sir Adam Beck School in Baden, students will have a greener outdoor play space filled with trees, shade and butterfly garden when they return next fall.

The group unveiled the  project plans at the kick off to Earth Week at the school last Thursday.

On hand was Dennis Wendland, the school’s “greening consultant” from Evergreen Learning Grounds, an agency that supports the creation of creative outdoor learning spaces and green projects.

The two-year $60,000 effort includes planting 41 trees, half of which will go in the ground this spring, to create shady spots and wind breaks.

The centrepiece is “a very cool outdoor classroom” students can play in at recess, said Footprints Committee member Sally Reijerse.

Rocks, sand and bridges will be added to create play spaces. The schoolgrounds will also house a naturalized area and flower garden designed to attract butterflies and other insects.

The Footprints Committee, made up of parents and staff, collected donations from parents in lieu of teacher gifts last December. Ongoing fundraising efforts will help make the full project a reality. The school also recently learned they are the recipients of grant money from the Region of Waterloo and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

Sir Adam Beck principal Roger Boettcher said the project is a much needed effort at the two-year-old school where a lack of trees leaves the playground exposed to wind and sun.

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