New mural adds a splash of colour to New Dundee Pottery and Stained Glass

Joselyn Reid works on the colourful creation in New Dundee.

Alyssa Elkeer adds her handiwork to the New Dundee mural.


Dundee Pottery and Stained Glass has a new look, thanks to an outdoor mural painted by some young artists on July 19.

The four girls enrolled in Dundee Pottery’s summer art camp created a colourful seascape this week on an exterior wall as part of their program.

Chiara D’Angnolo, Joselyn Reid, Alyssa Elkeer, and Emily Loch created the mural using leftover paint collected by the pottery centre.

Dundee Pottery usually paints over the outside mural and creates a new painting each summer as an art project, said owner Rosemary Arthurs.

The business on Front Street in New Dundee will also hold another week-long summer arts camp from August 20-24. Spaces are still available, said Arthurs.


(From right) Joselyn Reid, Emily Loch, Chiara D’Agnolo, and Alyssa Elkeer created a new mural for the Dundee Pottery and Stained Glass building on Front Street. The art project was part of the New Dundee business’s week-long summer camp.

Young artists choose from a buffet of scavenged paint to create the new artwork.

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