About the Independent

The New Hamburg Independent was founded in 1878 by George Dawson and John Gould as a campaign vehicle for Samuel Merner. Merner, an astute town businessman, threw his hat into the ring that year for a seat in Parliament. He won the riding of Waterloo South by 44 votes. The paper was eventually sold into the Ritz family, already publishers of the German language Canadisches Volksblatt . Over the years, the paper has changed hands a number of times, and is currently owned by Metroland, a division of TorStar.


The Independent office

The Independent’s office at 77 Peel Street, New Hamburg, Ontario.

The Independent is published by Peter Winkler. Doug Coxson is the managing editor. Scott Cressman is a reporter and photographer for the Independent.

The Independent is published weekly and covers the Townships of Wellesley and Wilmot and the surrounding communities in Perth East Township and Oxford County. For more information, or to subscribe, CLICK HERE.


Downtown New Hamburg.
A swan in the village of Wellesley

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